Executive Management

Dr Damien Bruno is the Chief Executive Officer of Victorian Clinical Genetic Services (VCGS). Damien has extensive capabilities in leadership excellence, organisational vision and strategy, customer experience and service delivery, and the science of genomics and reproductive health.

Damien believes in performance through persistent learning, and having meaningful conversations that lead to new insights and inspire change.

Damien has overseen the maturing and modernisation of our vibrant 30+ year old organisation, leading the pathology unit to expand its reach and impact. Through his expertise, Damien has helped build and work with a team of world-leading experts that have developed genomic technologies, and made our integrated services accessible for Australian patients and doctors.

Damien completed his PhD at the University of Melbourne (2010), for which he was awarded the Dean’s Award for Excellence in the PhD Thesis. Damien joined VCGS in 2003 and rose through the organisation to Chief Executive Officer in 2019.

Damien is proud of the integrated and personalised service VCGS provides, through the collaborative work of laboratory scientists and staff, bioinformaticians, clinical geneticists and genetic counsellors