Today (May 1st, 2020) marks the introduction of new Medicare item numbers for genomic testing.

This funding will support testing to help diagnose children with a suspected complex genetic condition. It allows testing for many families who would otherwise be unable to access such services.

New Medicare item numbers are available for:

  • Whole exome or genome sequencing to identify the genetic cause of childhood syndromes and intellectual disability for eligible children 10 years and under.
  • The re-analysis of data in certain circumstances.
  • Cascade testing for some purposes, such as diagnosis of a biological sibling or to inform reproductive decision-making.

Research and clinical projects by Melbourne Genomics Health Alliance, Australian Genomics Health Alliance, MCRI and VCGS were integral in making the case for government funding of exome testing.

“This additional Medicare funding will enable clinicians across Australia to provide the latest genomic care,” said Associate Professor Sue White, a clinical geneticist who led the Melbourne Genomics Childhood Syndromes clinical project.

VCGS is pleased to be able to support this initiative through application of the rebate, including the offer of bulk billed exome sequencing under these new Medicare item numbers. Enquiries for this service can be made through VCGS.

P: 1300 118 247

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