The Acute Care Genomics (ACG) project is truly paving the way for remarkable improvements in genomic testing for critically ill kids.

This clinical research study, coordinated by Australian Genomics and led by VCGS' Associate Professor Zornitza Stark and Dr Sebastian Lunke, uses genomic testing to deliver test reports, on average within 3 days, to help pinpoint the cause of a child’s condition and inform their clinical care. The babies that meet the eligibility criteria to be tested are usually in urgent need of our help. Rapid genomic testing is provided as part of a network involving multiple children’s hospitals around Australia, with VCGS providing testing for patients in Queensland, Victoria and South Australia. The outcomes to date have been very encouraging, and we’re not surprised the study is attracting media attention.


The ACG study is generously supported by The Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation and the Sydney Children’s Hospital Network.

If you would like more information about ACG or have any specific clinical or laboratory related queries, please contact [email protected] or [email protected].