NEW! Tiered Clinical Exome Sequencing test options

Any clinical gene, any panel at cost effective pricing

Victorian Clinical Genetics Services (VCGS) is pleased to announce our expanded range of tiered Clinical Exome Sequencing test options.

As of October 8, 2018 our new range of tiered exome test options are available to support more cost effective diagnosis for patients. For targeted analysis of well-defined phenotypes, choose from customised or pre-curated small, medium or large gene lists.

Data for all VCGS exome tests is generated using our NATA accredited exome sequencing technology. When required, this technology provides for further analysis of the whole exome sequencing data set via our Upgrade option. Our Exome Full Analysis test is the most comprehensive and includes analysis of the almost 4000 genes in our Mendeliome (known disease-causing genes).

NEW! Clinical exome test options with tiered pricing

Clinical exome test option


Australian dollars (ex GST)

Exome 15 singleton

1-15 genes


Exome 100 singleton

16-100 genes


Exome 200 singleton

101-200 genes


Exome 400 singleton

201-400 genes


Exome Full Analysis singleton

>400 genes +/- Mendeliome


Trio (e.g. 2 parents and child)

Available for Exome Full Analysis only


Rapid trio or singleton

21 day turnaround time

+ $1000 per case


Existing gene list(s)

+ $350 per case


Upgrade to larger exome

*Gap + $350 per case

*Gap = price difference between original test option and upgraded exome test option

Which genes can be analysed?

VCGS provides sequence analysis for any clinical gene, any panel: and our expanded range offers the ability to test for any clinically relevant gene# or panel of genes via exome sequencing. Select from a wide range of pre-curated, condition-specific gene lists or provide a custom list with clinical genes of interest.

Review our catalogue for a full list of pre-curated VCGS condition specific gene lists. Visit our online Clinical Exomes: Gene List Catalogue (PDF)

NB. If we do not already have a pre-curated list for the condition of interest, then any of the panels from the Genomics England PanelApp (green genes only) may be specified.

#clinically relevant gene: the human gene of interest must be published in the scientific literature in association with the phenotype in question in at least two or more unrelated individuals.

What is the average turnaround time?

We are pleased to announce that through our ongoing commitment to service development and clinical-laboratory coordination, we now report the majority of cases within 12 weeks of receiving a sample and completed request information. We will do our best to accommodate urgent requests. For less than 21 days turnaround Rapid analysis is available.

We would like to thank our valued referrers for their patience while we implemented process improvements to enable this reduced turnaround time.

How do I order a test?

Please visit our VCGS website for test request and specimen requirements.

How is data secured?

Our locally developed and delivered service ensures samples and data remain secure and on-shore. While we will make data available for ethically approved research collaborations (with patient consent), VCGS does not sell patient data to third parties.


For more information about our new tiered clinical exome test options, please email [email protected] or phone our Customer Care team on 1300 118 247.