The partumpost by VCGS is a short newsletter that explores the commonly asked questions and misconceptions associated with antenatal genetic screening and diagnostic testing.
The partumpost will explain:

  • misconceptions that arise in this highly commercialised space;
  • explore complex genetic outcomes that appear to have simple explanations;
  • how accurate test interpretation can change pregnancy care; and
  • highlight the added benefits of using a specialist genetics service when requesting genetic tests.

Significant changes in technology have meant that a number of commercially available ‘off the shelf’ products have become available, leading to non-specialist services now offering genetic testing. Commercial products however, do not come with years of industry experience or expert test interpretation: an aspect that is vital in the context of managing an ongoing pregnancy.

Interpretation is key to ensuring the referring doctor and their patients have all the information required to make informed decisions. Specialist genetics laboratories provide strong evidence based advice, allowing doctors to better direct patient care for the best possible outcomes.

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