Our 'reproductive genetic carrier screen' (RGCS) has changed names and is now known as prepairTM.

The prepairTM genetic carrier screen gives individuals and couples information about their chance of having a child with cystic fibrosis (CF), fragile X syndrome (FXS) or spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). Regardless of family history, couples should be offered information about carrier screening before pregnancy. Awareness of carrier status prior to conception gives couples greater reproductive choice.

While recessive genetic conditions are rare, the collective carrier rate for CF, FXS and SMA in the Australian population is 1 in 20. Many people are carriers even though no one in their family has the condition. In our experience, approximately 1 in 1600 pregnancies will be affected by one of these conditions with most couples having no known family history.

prepairTM is simple and easy and can be performed using a blood or saliva sample with the results provided within 10 working days. See our prepairTM page for more information or contact our genetic counsellors to discuss: (03) 9936 6402.