Did you know that DNA extracted from saliva can provide a viable alternative to invasive venepuncture for many DNA based tests?

At VCGS, we routinely use DNA isolated from saliva for many of our DNA based tests.

Test performance is equal to DNA from a blood sample and saliva provides an ideal alternative to blood. This is particularly useful for children with behavioural conditions, such as autism spectrum disorders, or for when travelling to a collection centre is difficult, such as remote or rural settings.

Using saliva for testing however isn’t limited to children. Any age group (including neonates) can make use of saliva sampling for genetic testing. It is simple and painless and only takes about 20 seconds to collect. Best of all, it avoids the need for regular phlebotomy.

Currently, we accept saliva for the following tests:

  • Microarray (molecular karyotyping)
  • Fragile X syndrome
  • Prader-Willi and Angelman syndromes
  • CMT1A and HNPP

Saliva collection kits can be obtained from VCGS free of charge. These kits include reply paid packaging which makes collection and postage simple. Once the sample is collected, it is stable for over 2 months. This makes saliva a simple and robust method of sample collection.

For more information about saliva sampling, you can view this short video.