Aortopathy are conditions that affect the aorta, the main artery supplying the heart with oxygenated blood. The aorta can become enlarged or weakened, which disrupts blood flow. Aortic dilation can be a key feature in genetic dosorders, such as Marfan, Loeys-Dietz, vascular Ehlers-Danlos, aneurysm-osteoarthritis and TAAD.



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Reporting time

10-12 weeks


Phone: 1300 11 8247
Email: [email protected]

Specimen Requirements

EDTA blood: Adult: 2 x 5 ml

Child: 2 x 1-3 ml


Patient to be referred to a cardiologist or a genetics clinic.

Blood Storage Requirements: Do not freeze. Store at 4°C or room temperature.

Genes tested