About us

We are experts in genetic testing. We’re also Australian and not-for-profit, using proceeds from testing to support the latest in medical research.

We’re part of the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute and are located at The Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne.

What makes us different, is that our scientists, doctors (geneticists), genetic counsellors and researchers all work together to provide you with fast, accurate and personalised genetic testing services.

Sharing knowledge. Supporting choice.

Our mission

VCGS is the pioneering genetic services arm of Murdoch Children’s Research Institute. We aim to provide and continually improve clinical care, support, genetic screening and diagnostic testing for children, adults and families who are at risk of, or living with a genetic condition.

We aim to do this by investing in new genetic and genomic testing, expanding our clinical and laboratory services, and raising broader community understanding by improving access to information and to the services that we provide; for both practitioners and patients across the healthcare spectrum in Australia and internationally.

At our core, we aim to provide a human-centred genetic service that puts people at the heart of everything we do.

Clinical Geneticists

Clinical geneticists are medical specialists who focus on the diagnosis and management of genetic conditions. Clinical geneticists play an important role in the provision of genetic testing, interpretation of test results and explanation of results to families and doctors. They are experts in dealing with the complexity of genetic testing and the associated ethical issues. Clinical geneticists work closely with genetic counsellors and medical scientists to provide genetic services across a broad range of medical disciplines.

VCGS clinical geneticists provide education to other medical specialties and are actively involved in research. We have seven fully qualified clinical geneticists supported by a large team of genetic counsellors and administrative services.

Genetic Counsellors

Genetic counsellors are health professionals with specialised graduate degrees (Masters or Graduate Diplomas) who have training in both clinical genetics and counselling. They have expertise in communicating complex genetic information, discussing family history, arranging genetic testing, interpreting and explaining results of genetic testing, identifying family members with an increased chance of having or carrying a genetic condition and helping to inform those family members.

Genetic counsellors support people through genetic testing including:

  • assisting with decision-making about whether to have a test and what test/s to have
  • waiting for the results, understanding the meaning of the results and adjusting to the results
  • providing supportive counselling to families
  • arranging referrals to other health professionals
  • and linking families with community support services.

What are the benefits of seeing a genetic counsellor?
When it comes to genetic health, genetic counsellors can give you the personalised help you need. We can work alongside you and your doctor to help you understand complex genetic information and support you in making informed decisions. We can also assist you and your family in managing your genetic health information and adapting to a diagnosis of a genetic condition.

Laboratory Scientists

VCGS laboratory medical scientists specialise in research and diagnostics for clinical biochemistry and clinical genetics. Our scientists have a long history of successfully translating research and development into clinical tests and services.

We aim to provide the highest quality genetic testing service and we have the largest number of medical scientists with membership and fellowship qualifications through the Human Genetics Society of Australasia (HGSA) and the Faculty of Science through the Royal College of Pathologists Australasia.