Acute Care Genomics delivers ultra-rapid genomic testing for critically ill patients in intensive care who have suspected genetic conditions.

Following the conclusion of the successful Australian Genomics/Genomics Health Futures Mission Acute Care Genomics (ACG) research project, this ultra-rapid genomic testing, with a turnaround time of five days or less, is now available through VCGS as a routine clinical service.


  • VCGS will accept high acuity referrals from hospitals and services that were part of the ACG research network.
  • New referral sites can be registered by contacting us at [email protected]
  • We strongly encourage the engagement of local clinical genetics services in the care of the patient. VCGS can provide additional advice as required.
  • Referring clinical services are responsible for the following:
    • Funding- appropriate local payment approval and billing details must be provided with the order.
    • Sample collection and preparation for sending- VCGS will facilitate sample shipping via rapid courier services.

To order:

Testing can be initiated online. You need to complete:

  • an electronic test request
  • an e-consent process with your patient or their guardian

See our printable flyer with QR code for mobile test requests.



TRIO Whole Genome Sequencing (child and two biological parents)

$15,000 (ex GST) - includes shipping when arranged via VCGS courier.

Reporting time

5 days or less from receipt of all samples and documentation (including request, clinical information, informed consent and billing details).


Please contact our genomics clinical liaison team for any questions.

E [email protected]
P 1300 118 247

Specimen Requirements

Fresh EDTA blood is required from the child and both parents. A fresh sample reduces test failure due to contamination or poor DNA quality.
Lithium heparin tubes or samples from heparinised lines are not suitable and will fail.

Child: 1-2 ml (0.5 ml minimum)

Adult: 2-5ml (1ml minimum)