Chromosome changes can be a common cause of recurrent pregnancy loss (miscarriage) or infertility. A test that looks at the chromosomes (a karyotype) may be offered to individuals/couples experiencing recurrent pregnancy loss or infertility. This can determine if they carry a chromosome change.

If a chromosome change is identified, possible options to achieve a pregnancy include pre-implantation genetic diagnosis using IVF or prenatal diagnostic testing.

Types of testing

Investigation of pregnancy loss on products of conception (POCS)

A chromosome microarray (molecular karyotype) can be performed. This testing is arranged by your treating doctor/obstetrician. Results are typically available within 3-4 weeks. See test and specimen requirements.

Testing for couples experiencing infertility or recurrent miscarriage

A chromosome analysis (conventional G-band karyotype) can be performed. Testing can be arranged by your treating doctor. Results available in 2-3 weeks. See test and speciment requirements.