In Victoria, the newborn bloodspot screening program is funded by the Department of Health and Human Services and is available to all babies. The screening service is operated by The Victorian Clinical Genetics Services based at The Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne.

This training tool has been developed for nursing/midwifery students, practising professionals, ward clerks, administrators and parents. It is designed to expand your knowledge of the newborn bloodspot screening program in Victoria. You can explore the topics in any order and at your own pace. You will read through information, engage in interactive activities and view videos as you work through the topics.

It will take approximately 60 minutes to complete all topics and the assessment. You can bookmark and return to the topics as you have time, however the assessment must be completed once started. If you choose to complete the assessment and pass you will be issued with a certificate for the training.

HELP – for assistance, use the help link at the top of the screen.

RESOURCES – this section is accessible at any time for further information, it contains printable copies of useful information, brochures, consent process, etc.