This page contains information and hyperlinks to everything you need in relation to prepair and prepair+.

  1. Discuss carrier screening with your patients.
    Here's a digital copy of our patient brochure which can help guide discussions - in particular, the ‘key things to know’ section.
  2. Complete the prepair or prepair+ test request form. A template for prepair is available through your Best Practice or Medical Director software.
    Here are the instructions for acessing these templates: Best Practice instructions | Medical Director instructions
  3. Sample collection for prepair - testing can be performed using blood or saliva (saliva preferred option in SA and WA). On our website, your patients can find an affiliated blood collection site, or order a saliva kit and pay for testing. Sample collection for prepair+ - have your patients send a copy of the test request form to [email protected] and we will arrange sample collection.
  4. Results and any relevant fact sheets will be sent to you when available. Our team is available to support you and your patients at any stage of testing.

Printed DL patient brochures, request pads and collection kits can be ordered from our team.

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