VCGS offers a comprehensive service including genetic counselling for anyone considering, or who has had a VCGS reproductive screening test (percept™ non-invasive prenatal testing, prepair™ genetic carrier screening and maternal serum screening). Our screening genetic counselling team are available to discuss tests and results by phone or email. We also offer face-to-face appointments with a genetic counsellor and a clinical geneticist. This enables easy access to expert knowledge and support.

Our genetic counselling team have expertise in:

  • communicating complex genetic information
  • assessing family history
  • assisting with determining which screening or diagnostic test/s to consider
  • supporting decision-making around testing
  • arranging reproductive screening tests (percept™, prepair™, maternal serum screening)
  • facilitating diagnostic tests
  • providing support whilst waiting for results
  • interpreting and explaining test results
  • arranging referrals to other health professionals if required.

When there is an increased chance of having a child with a genetic condition, our team:

  • can support couples in making decisions about planning a family
  • can identify family members who may also have an increased chance of having or carrying the condition and
  • can provide advice about ways to inform those family members.

Our genetic counsellors can work alongside you and your doctor to help you understand complex genetic information and give you the personalised help you need.

To speak to a member of the VCGS screening genetic counselling team or to arrange an appointment please call: 03 9936 6402 or email [email protected]
Appointments occur at our screening clinic (VCGS), on the 4th Floor of the Royal Children’s Hospital, 50 Flemington Rd, Parkville, VIC 3052.