Newborn bloodspot screening is a program that identifies babies at risk of having rare, but serious medical conditions that can affect normal development and life expectancy. Newborn bloodspot screening is performed on a few drops of blood that are collected soon after birth by pricking the baby's heel. Newborn bloodspot screening is offered to all babies in Victoria.



There is no charge for Victorian babies.

Reporting time

Cystic Fibrosis - up to 20 working days.
All other tests usually 2 working days.


Phone: 1300 11 8247
Email: [email protected]

If you would like to speak to a newborn bloodspot screening nurse about the program or your baby's result please call:

Sally Morrissy
Phone: (03) 8341 6460
E: [email protected]

For health professionals requiring technical assistance or results (NB: the laboratory cannot discuss results with parents):

Newborn Bloodspot Screening Laboratory at The Royal Children's Hospital

PO Box 1100
Parkville Vic 3052

Phone: (03) 8341 6272
Fax: (03) 8341 6339
E: [email protected]

Specimen Requirements

Blood samples are to be collected using a newborn bloodspot screening card (a Guthrie card).
These cards are available from the laboratory.

Detailed specimen collection guideline.


Air-dry the blood spots for at least 4 hours without heat before transport to the laboratory and then send ASAP.

Do not place or transport in plastic bags.

Do not spot cards with citrate or EDTA anticoagulated blood.