How each test is ordered and funded varies. Some tests require referrals from specialists, and some require specific request forms and/or completed patient consent forms. See specific tests for details.

How do I arrange a test?

Select from the list below to find out everything you
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To re-order request pads, brochures, download request slips, patient consent forms, and to order kits please see the resources section below.

Counselling services

VCGS offers genetic counselling services to help patients and families understand complex medical issues and make informed decisions.

Genetic counselling can:

  • Assist with decision-making about whether to have a test and what test/s to have.
  • Help patients and families understand the meaning of genetic results and adjust to the results.
  • Facilitate informed decision-making.
  • Provide supportive counselling to individuals and families.
  • Arrange referrals to other health professionals.
  • Link families with community support services.

Appointments can be arranged by calling us: (03) 8341 6201.

Paying an account

If you receive an invoice from VCGS you have the option of paying using BPay, credit card, money order or personal cheque.

Payment should be made out to Victorian Clinical Genetics Services:
PO Box 845
Parkville VIC 3052

Only some genetic tests are covered by Medicare.
Your invoice will indicate whether all or part of your test is covered by Medicare.

VCGS will provide you with a receipt once a payment is made (allow up to 7 days) and you can claim the rebated amount back through Medicare (either by visiting your local Medicare office or online).

If you have queries please call: 1300 557 779.